A bill approved by a House committee on Tuesday, in Kentucky, would forgive up to 10 missed school days for public schools because of bad weather this winter. The bill would only apply to school districts that missed at least 10 days.


Lawmakers were concerned that students forced into a longer school year would have to take their end-of-the-year tests in June, when students are normally on vacation.


In Ohio the Ohio House and Senate are expected to take up legislation today, that if approved would take effect as soon as Governor. John Kasich adds his signature.


The final version of the bill, if approved by the House and Senate, would provide four additional calamity days to districts that have already made up four contingency days.


Some districts could schedule makeup days on holidays or Saturdays, or send home “blizzard bags” with students, so they can complete their lessons outside of school.


Schools could also add time in their planned school days, by adding half-hour increments to scheduled sessions, in order to make up missed days. School seniors would be excused from extra days planned after graduation ceremonies.