(Carrollton, KY)—Police in Northern Kentucky have served 13 arrest warrants to people involved with drug movement.

The people are indicted on trafficking heroin, methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

Carroll county, Trimble county, and Gallatin county police agencies teamed up and issued the warrants to:


Alfred Davis, 47, from Milton, KY
Jamie Sachleben, 34, from Milton, KY
Jason Sachleben, 28, from Milton, KY
Cory Satchwell, 25, from Carrollton, KY
Kevin Reynolds, 44, from Warsaw, KY
Darrell Ligon, 25, from Warsaw, KY
Jay Bush, 24, from Sparta, KY
Brittany Barnard, 25, from Warsaw, KY
Vicky Harlow, 48, from Carrollton, KY
Patricia Embry, 56, from Carrollton, KY
Raymond Horn, 35, from Warsaw, KY
Jill Beers, 35, Warsaw, KY
Christopher Schave, 30, from Warsaw, KY

The warrants came after a three month undercover drug investigation, and Kentucky State Police are looking for seven more people.