(Avondale) -- Earlier this year, the City's administration approved $600,000 in police overtime, to put more officers on the streets.  Mayor John Cranley says over the last three months, it's had an effect.

Citywide, there have been 500 criminal arrests, and eight guns seized. 

District 1: Violent crime dropped by a third from the 30 days before Police Visibility Overtime, to the 30 days after.  172 arrests.

District 2: Assault, rape, homicide, robbery, arson, burglary and motor vehicle theft dropped by 23%  126 arrests.

District 3: 21% drop in violent crime.  135 arrests.

District 4: 16% drop in homicides, robberies, assaults and burglaries.  153 arrests, resulting in 323 criminal charges.

District 5: 35% reduction in robberies. 

Oliver Kroner is President of the Northside Community Council, and likes what he's seen.  Kroner says they've been working with the officers of District 5 to identify and target the hotspots.

Another community activist says the increased police presence is having an effect on neighborhoods.  Pastor Peterson Mingo says with the foot patrols in each District, people are getting to know officers, and are starting to break the culture of "no squealing".

In addition to police overtime, and foot patrols, District 3 officers have been looking at crime statistics, to identify hot spots, and peak times.  Captain Michael Neville says they've been able to clean up a couple of apartment complexes by targeting the repeat offenders who lived there.

There's also a re-established gang unit.  Ten officers and two sergeants are working on that unit now, collecting and sharing intelligence on organized crime.  And Chief Jeffery Blackwell says the Quality of Life teams are in place, finding the root causes of crime, and addressing them.