(Cincinnati) -- The coroner has ruled the death of Brogan Dulle a suicide.  The body of the 21 year old was found in the basement of an apartment next door to his home on East McMillan, Monday evening. 

Investigators believe Dulle got inside by jumping onto a fire escaping, climbing up to the third floor, and breaking a window with a crowbar.  The crowbar, and a bottle of wine were found inside with the UC student's body.

Colonel Dave Bailey says the fire escape was locked, and it would take someone with high levels of athletic ability to reach it.  He says given Dulle's history with swim teams, they believe he could.

Bailey is defending the search of the neighborhood by Cincinnati Police.  Dulle is believed to have broken into the building sometime early on the morning of May 18th.  He was reported missing on May 19, and only discovered May 26th, when the landlord reported a possible break-in.  The three story apartment building was next door to Dulle's apartment, but was never searched.

Bailey says he walked around the building, and saw nothing out of place, or nothing that would suggest Dulle was inside.  He says the structure was undergoing renovations, and was possibly being used as an "after-hours office".  Police believe the owner, or workers had been inside in the last week, but Bailey says he's not surprised they didn't find Dulle.  He was out of the way, in the basement, where it was dark and cool.

Colonel Bailey says investigators tried several times to contact the owner, but were unsuccessful until Monday evening, when the owner called them.

Dulle's death has been ruled a suicide, but there was no goodbye note, something Bailey says is "not uncommon".  Interviews with Brogan's family and friends, and a search of his computer also turned up nothing that would lead the young man to take his life.

Police are still looking for Dulle's phone, but Bailey says unless there's a clue on it, they may never get answers.

University of Cincinnati students are holding a candlelight vigil in Brogan's honor, Wednesday night, at 9, on McMicken Commons.