(Butler Co., Oh) The following was released WEdnesday by the Butler County Sheriff's Office.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones announces that Investigators from his office are reviewing the two-year-old Chelsea Johnson homicide case.  The victim’s mother has talked with Sheriff’s representatives, and has begged the Sheriff’s Office to look into the situation.


In April, 2012, when she was 15 years old, Chelsea’s body was found near a Fairfield creek close to the intersection of Pleasant Avenue and Nilles Road.  The Butler County Coroner’s Office determined the Fairfield Options Academy student had been stabbed to death on April 15, 2012.  Although Fairfield Police have stated they are confident they know who killed Chelsea, no one has yet been arrested or charged for the crime, and the Butler County Prosecutor has indicated that more work needs to be done on the case.  With the passage of time, the victim’s family has become more and more frustrated with the lack of results with this investigation.


“Murder investigations can be quite complex, but two years of waiting is certainly a long time.  A ‘fresh set’ of eyes looking into the case might result in progress and Chelsea’s family deserves whatever we can do to help,” said Sheriff Jones.  “I have had some preliminary dialogue with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Coroner’s Office, who have been receptive to the review, and both are working with my Investigators,” the Sheriff continued.  “We have reached out to the Fairfield Police, and they are aware of our decision to review the case.”