(East Price Hill) -- While announcing his department's participation in the East Price Hill Neighborhood Enhancement Program, Chief of Police Jeffery Blackwell also unveiled the Quality of Life Enhancement teams.

Ten officers, two in each of the five Districts, will begin daily walking beats.  Blackwell says the pairs will be "pro-active, not re-active".  Foot patrols can often see things officers in cruisers can't, and Chief Blackwell says they'll be able to contact other city departments to get a problem, like graffiti, or a code violation, fixed.

He says officers will talk with residents and business owners directly, to find out what's going on in each neighborhood, and they'll work to find solutions.  He says the patrols will be able to stop crime, and stop the fear of crime.

Blackwell says a pilot program in Over-the-Rhine completely stopped street robberies around Vine and Liberty.