(Over-the-Rhine) -- Internet giant Google recently announced a competition among selected cities, where they would install their Google Fiber service.  That's a broadband connection the company says is 100 times faster than regular broadband. 

Cincinnati is not on the list.

But City Councilman PG Sittenfeld is hoping Google will reconsider, and make Cincinnati a finalist.  Eight of the nine members of Council have signed a motion directing the administration to pursue the issue, and convince Google to add it. 

Sittenfeld may have an in.  He's a former Google employee.

He says things have changed dramatically from the last time Cincinnati applied.  Sittenfeld says tech start-ups have flourished locally,"If you look at how much the innovation landscape and entrepreneurial ecosystem has been transformed in Cincinnati... We have such a different story to tell today, in 2014, than we did in 2010."  He pointed to companies like the Brandery, and CincyTech.

The CEO and founder of Roadtrippers, James Fisher, says current internet connections are like a small highway, where traffic gets clogged up.  But, Google Fiber, he says is like a four-lane highway.