(Clifton Heights) -- P.G. Sittenfeld calls it a crisis, and one that will hurt the economy, and darken the future of an entire generation.  The Cincinnati City Councilman says in Ohio, college students have nearly $4 billion in federal student loans, and he says the State isn't helping, because it's been cutting aid to both students and to schools.

State aid to students is about to drop again, in the state's next budget, and Ohio's lawmakers have only raised funding for colleges and universitities incrementally, after a major cut in 2007.  Sittenfeld puts the blame squarely at the feet of the Governor, who he says favors tax cuts for the rich, over education.

Sittenfeld says unaffordable higher education is a crisis that needs to be addressed before it drags down the economy.

UC philosophy professor Greg Loving says he wants his students thinking about their coursework, and not about how they're going to pay for school.  Loving is calling on state lawmakers to find ways to make college affordable.