(Cincinnati) -- The Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge facing nine charges has asked that those charges either be dismissed, or split up.

Tracie Hunter is accused of two counts of tampering with records, two counts of forgery, two counts of unlawful interference with a public contract, and three counts of theft.

Hunter's attorney says the case should be thrown out, because it's filled with "prosecutorial vindictiveness".  Clyde Bennett says as a leading local Republican, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has a motive to remove Hunter from the bench.  She is a Democrat.  Bennett says local Republicans staged a year-long battle to keep her out of office, after a contentious election.

He says the case should be thrown out, because, in part, the special prosecutors are not impartial.  Bennett says the special prosecutors' closeness to the Hamilton County Prosecutor calls into question the case against Hunter.  He says it would be fair to throw this case out, and start again with new prosecutors. 

If the case isn't thrown out, Bennett asked Judge Norbert Nadel to split the charges up into three separate trials:  one for the forgery and tampering charges, one for the unlawful interference, and one for the theft charges, because he says the charges are not connected, and seeing a long indictment could unfairly sway some jurors.

Judge Nadel is expected to rule on both motions July 15.