( Covington, Kentucky ) - Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen's office has been investigating Covington's finances with Robert Due as the Finance Director for the past 5 months.

In a report released Thursday, Edelen says Due stole roughly $800,000 from the city from 2001 to 2013. The report finds that Due was able to do that, thanks in large part, to a lack of oversight in the city.

Not only was Due the Finance Director, he also served as the IT Administrator. That allegedly allowed him to go into the system and change who was getting paid by the city. Due's accused of writing 68 checks to himself, his wife, an aunt, and more. He would allegedly use vendor names (both legitimate and bogus) in the system, then change those names, and go to the office after hours to print the checks and cover his tracks.

Edelen says "The scheme wasn't particularly elaborate, but the city's failure to establish checks and balances and provide oversight granted him the opportunity." Since the investigation began, Edelen says Covington city leaders have taken steps to implement stronger financial controls. 

Due was arrested last year. He's tried to commit suicide in jail at least twice.