(Cincinnati, OH)--Six residents of McMicken Ave. have filed a federal lawsuit against the city. They are asking for damages they say were caused by the barriers.

The city put the barriers up in April to cut down on prostitution in the Mohawk area.

The residents said the barriers restricted public transportation, and slowed emergency response times. They added that visitors were subjected to questioning by police.

The residents filed a temporary restraining order, asking the city to move the barriers. They were moved Thursday. There is a hearing Friday morning on the restraining order.

Cincinnati City Spokesman Rocky Merz said that the lawsuit had nothing to do with the barriers being moved. He said they were put in place for a 90-day period, and that period expired July 29.

Merz said city leaders do not believe there is any merit to the lawsuit. He noted that members of the West McMicken Improvement Association support the barriers.