(Cincinnati, OH)--It was hugely popular in 2013, and Lumenocity 2014 will be even bigger. Free tickets for the Cincinnati Symphony performance and light show were gone in 13 minutes Monday.

Because of demand last year, this year's show will be expanded to three nights. The dates are August 1-3. About 12,500 tickets were available for each show at Washington Park across the street from Music Hall.

City leaders are concerned that some Lumenocity tickets are showing up for sale on e-Bay. Vice Mayor David Mann plans to introduce a resolution calling for an investigation.

Most of the free tickets went through Ticketmaster, but some were handed out through local organizations, and at some Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Libraries.  Mann was a guest of 700WLW's Scott Sloan, and says there needs to be a better way for distribution.

Mann says organizers shouldn't be afraid to change locations next year, so more people can see the light and music show.  He says Taste of Cincinnati started in Piatt Park, but quickly grew out of the space available.

There are 12,500 tickets available for each of the three shows. 

Mann doesn't like the idea of "scalpers" selling tickets to the free show, and he rejects the idea of selling tickets to the public event.  He is glad the Lumenocity show was expanded this year to three nights, instead of just two.

More tickets will be available throughout the summer.

For more information, click http://www.lumenocity2014.com/