(Cincinnati, Oh.)--Property owners in southeast Cincinnati, are reportedly upset about a recent decision by the city to decertify the flood levee surrounding the Lunken Airport, forcing them to purchase costly flood insurance.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports, that resent engineering studies indicate the 5-mile levee was about a foot or two short of federal standards, meaning surrounding areas that had been considered protected by the Levee, are now a flood zone.


Any property owner with a federally backed mortgage will now be forced to purchase flood insurance.


The City says they decided to decertify the levee because they do not have the estimated $20 million to $100 million that it would cost to improve the levee to meet the federal standards. The city has said they applied three separate times for federal funding to improve the levee but were denied.


Local governments have been required to recertify their levees over the last 10 years as part of the Federal flood-zone map-modernization program.


Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn has announced he wants an inquiry in to the decertification of the Levee.