(Cincinnati, Oh.)--A man facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit murder is being held on $250,000 dollars bond after his arraignment last week.


Investigators say in September, Kendall Flucas, 21, a student at Cincinnati State, struck a delivery man in the head with a large rock in a restroom at the school, stole the victims money and left the victim on the floor.




The victim was later found and taken to Bethesda North Hospital and received two staples in his head.




Police say at the time of the Cincinnati State incident, Flucas was on three years’ probation for a previous robbery charge.




The conspiracy to commit murder charge is the result of an investigation into Flucas' recorded phone calls. Police say Flucas conspired to commit the murder of a witness or victim who was set to testify against him in a different criminal case.




Flucas was charged in September with two counts of felonious assault and one count of attempted robbery, his sentencing is scheduled for March 5.