( Hamilton County ) - The planning to renovate Union Terminal and Music Hall continues.

The anti-tax group, COAST, presented multiple suggestions to Hamilton County Commissioners on Monday. They're against commissioners putting a sales tax issue on the ballot this fall to raise the money needed to fix the buildings. 

Former P&G CEO Bob McDonald (pictured) is the head of the task force that's coordinating the repairs. He told Bill Cunningham that in the 8 months his group has been working, they've already addressed all of COAST's suggestions. McDonald says the sales tax increase is the most fair way to distribute the cost. "In the end we've come up with a solution where one third of the cost is paid by philanthropic gifts and tax credits, one third of the cost is paid by non-residents of Hamilton County, and one third of the cost is paid by residents of Hamilton County."

McDonald says he's raised over $37 million dollars from the wealth community so far, but much of that money is contingent on a sales tax issue being up for a vote.

McDonald was named last week by President Obama to take over the Department of Veterans Affairs. He told Cunningham that he's committed to working on this local project until he's sworn in for the VA. And he pointed out that being confirmed by the US Senate is not a guarantee.