(North College Hill, OH)--The city and the family of Corey McGinnis have settled a wrongful death lawsuit.  The McGinnis Family received $650,000 and the city agreed to changes in its Taser policy.

Corey McGinnis was playing basketball in June, 2012 at Crutchfield Park in Springfield Township with his sons and nephew. A fight broke out, and police arrived. The family said McGinnis was Tasered by a North College Hill officer. McGinnis died five days after that.  

The family decided to take the matter to court. They maintained that McGinnis was unarmed, and was not a threat to police. He was not wearing a shirt, and received the Taser barbs in his chest, leading to cardiac malfunction.

McGinnis Family attorney Al Gerhardstein said there is a national discussion about Tasers. He added that he has had two clients who died from them.

North College Hill police said the chest is still an approved area for a  Taser. But the department is teaching officers to aim at the back and lower stomach.