(Cincinnati) -- It's the hip new way to get across town without a car: Download the app, find someone going that way, and pay them less than the price of a cab.  And that's what has taxi companies upset.  It's eating into their business.  They say they have to follow lots of rules and regulations that the startups like Lyft and Uber don't. 

To be a driver for Uber, or Lyft, you have to go through a background check, and you have to have insurance.  What you don't have to do, is follow the regulations that govern cab drivers.  And, the insurance required may not be as comprehensive.

In Hillsborough County, Florida, this week, public transit officers started handing out fines to the private drivers for operating a taxi service without a certificate, not having a public vehicle license, and not having proper insurance.

That's something local taxi companies would like to see in Cincinnati. 

Dave Steenbergen of Elite Taxi says cab drivers have to have a tax account with the City, but, he says with Uber and Lyft, there's no guarantee they'll pay any taxes on their services.   Rich Robinson says to be a cab driver in Cincinnati, he has to follow all sort of miniscule regulations, for instance he has to wear a shirt with a collar.  He says if the private drivers can ignore the rules, he should be allowed to as well.

Vice Mayor David Mann says the City's legal department is reviewing the complaints, and he expects a report on possible regulations of ride share programs in the near future.