(Cincinnati) -- Noah Meisberger of West Chester was among the thousands of fans at Fountain Square to watch the US play Germany in the latest round of the World Cup.  He had stars and stripes painted on his face, and a flag as a cape. 

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Supporters of soccer hope the interest in the sport lasts beyond the World Cup.
Sara Meisberger says with lots of international friends, they've caught soccer fever.  She says next, she wants to go to Columbus to see the MLS franchise, the Columbus Crew play.

Sam Wilson of Alexandria is a life-long fan, but he's not bothered by people getting on the bandwagon.  But he thinks once the World Cup is done, most fans will disappear.

Sam Mullen of Fort Wright played soccer in high school, and is happy other people are now interested.  Mullen says the American performance can only grow the sport here.

Dan Robb of Kings Mills was at Fountain Square during his lunch break.  He started watching soccer while recovering from a wrist injury, and says once the tournament is done, he'll stick with it, although not as intently as he watches baseball, golf and NASCAR.

Cincinnati's German heritage was apparent, with more than a few people rooting for the "opposition".  Ben Norman of Colerain says his friends tease him about his allegiance.  His parents grew up in Germany, and he's been following their teams for years. 

Kyle Clark from Eastgate was also wearing Germany's colors.  He is a lifelong soccer fan and isn't bothered by people on the bandwagon.  Clark estimates 40% of the people cheering the USA team are actually soccer fans first, and he says that's encouraging for the sport.