(Newport, KY) -- What was opened this morning isn't very long, but it's part of a much bigger, 11.5 mile trail, stretching from Fort Thomas to Ludlow.  The Riverfront Commons unites existing walking trails, and builds new stretches.

The newest section is a footbridge that connects the Purple People Bridge to a new path on top of the floodwall, east of Newport on the Levy.

Jack Moreland with Southbank Partners says the Riverfront Commons path will make Northern Kentucky's riverfront that much more attractive to developers, tourists, and people looking for a new home.  He says young professionals want to live in the urban core, and they want easy access to amenities, and the path meets that need.

Moreland says it will also help with tourism.  He points out that the newest section links the Levy with the new distillery in Bellevue, and can see a day when a tour bus parks between the two, to let visitors go where they want for an afternoon.

Construction on other parts of the path could begin later this year.