(Butler County, Oh.) Teen sentenced to 9 years in prison for trying to kill his parents by burning down their home.

17-year-old Mitchell Simon pleaded guilty last week to arson and attempted murder charges. He had previously filed a "not guilty plea by reason of insanity" but that plea was later withdrawn on Friday. On October 23, Simon then a 16-year-old student at Lakota West High School, took some rope from the basement of the home and used it to tie his parents' bedroom door shut with them inside. He then retrieved a can of gas from the garage and started a fire inside the home.

His father was forced to jump from their bedroom window on the second floor while his mother was rescued by firefighters.


Police say the fire was a plan that he had written in a journal found in his nightstand in his room. The journal indicated that Simon was angry with his parents due to his laptop being taken away.


He had faced 33 years in prison- 11 years for each count, at his sentencing Tuesday.

Last week in court Simon said, that he can't take away that night, but he loves his parents dearly, and he was sorry. His parents have previously supported Simon at every court proceeding.