(Corryville) -- Some Cincinnati high school students are trying to raise awareness about human trafficking.  Taylor Edwards from Walnut Hills High School says most people are not aware of the problem, or the scope.

It's estimated that there are 12 million people, worldwide, trapped in slave labor.  Edwards says it's happening in Ohio, and in the Tri-State.

The Walnut Hills High School Modern Abolitionist Movement sponsored a fair trade market, Saturday afternoon, in Corryville, to talk about human trafficking, and to highlight the groups combatting it.  They also had a market, with products guaranteed made by non-slave labor.

Edwards says slaves are used in all kinds of industries, like nail salons.  She says when you know the warning signs, you can alert police, and let them investigate, because otherwise, there's only so much law enforcement can do.

She says slaves can be children or adults.  Some are runaways, and some are simply snatched away from their home.  But either way, she says they're often transported thousands of miles away, to make their situation more dire, and escape more difficult.