(Cincinnati) Cheryl Parker from AAA said the AAA Roadside Rescue Team has come to the aid of more than 25,000 motorists so far this winter. Drivers continue to have problems getting their cars started due to battery failure. She said before heading out: 
· Check wipers, fill windshield wiper fluid and clean headlights and taillights to improve visibility.
· Keep an eye on the battery!!! The cold weather makes it harder for the battery to start the car, especially on frigid mornings.
· Inspect tire tread to avoid sliding and skidding.
· Check tire pressure to prevent blow-outs.
· Keep fuel tank full to avoid running out of gas and getting stuck on the side of the road.
· If locks freeze on vehicles, place a warm towel over the lock to thaw it.
· To prevent doors from freezing shut, place a very thin coat of petroleum jelly around rubber mold on the inside of the doors.
· If car doors freeze, tap around the edge of the door to break up the ice and then pull at door handle and the bottom edge of the door.
· Plan your route before you leave to avoid traffic or untreated roadways. Let someone know your intended route and what time you will arrive at your destination.
· Always carry emergency supplies, such as AAA car care kit, boots, shovel, blanket, snacks and water. Always make sure your cell phone is charged in case you need roadside assistance.
What to keep in the vehicle:
· Fully charged cell phone;
· Blanket, boots, ice scraper and snow shovel;
· AAA emergency road kit.
· Flashlight with extra batteries and extra fuses.
· Drinking water and non-perishable snacks. Regularly check the expiration date of these items.
· Small tool kit, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, flares warning triangles or reflectors.
· Windshield wiper fluid and wiping cloth such as a towel.
· Coolant and a tire pressure gauge.