Norman, a 14-year-old carriage horse in New York City's Midtown area collapsed in the middle of the street, blocking a busy intersection. The driver of the carriage told onlookers that he tripped and fell, but many argue he went down due to exhaustion. 

Just before 2 a.m. on September 2nd, on 50th and 12th avenue Bogdan Paul Angheluta photographed the incident, claiming that he witnessed the driver of the carriage screaming at the horse to make it through the greenlight.

At that point, he says the horse collapsed on the pavement "breathing slow and hard." 

Police then arrived an blocked the intersection while workers from the horse stable on 52nd street show up with a bucket of water. The men warned Angheluta to "leave the horse alone" and then placed something in Norman's mouth.

Spokeswoman Christina Hansen of the carriage industry told the New York Post that he didn't collapsed, that he had tripped himself.  

"He's kind of a klutz," she said.