I know what you're thinking - "winter already?"  Well, no, not exactly.  It is still summertime and fall will be here soon, but you know how in this area of the globe we can skip through a season faster then you can blink an eye.  So, that means, before we know it winter will be here.  When we talk about auto repair on this show, we always talk about preventative maintenance.  Preventative maintenance is what is going to keep your vehicle going long into the winter months.  

Between November and March is when we receive the most calls on dead batteries.  Dead batteries occur during frigid, cold temperatures.  Another thing we get calls on is broken door handles or windows from people trying to get into their own vehicles though they are completely frozen shut.  

We aren't trying to steer anyone away from the remaining warm months ahead, but only trying to help those of you prepare for what possibly may destroy your car later down the road.  

The Department of Motor Vehicles has posted a checklist of things you should do to winterize your automobile.  For more information - Read More