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Butler County Veterans Commission - Butler County Fair

Butler County Fair Veterans Day!   Free for Vets!  Please have ID Tomorrow at the Butler County Fair Butler County Fairgrounds 1715 Fair Ave.  Hamilton Ohio...
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Duke Pipeline Open Forum

The Duke Energy Pipeline Forum is at the Sharonville Convention Center @ 7pm Wednesday July 27th.   ICYMI:  It will be recorded by ICRC and replayed via the following schedule...
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Here is the Wikileaks Document Dump List

...along with a little blurb about what the emails address   Click Here  
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Andrea Hoffman - The Girl Who Escaped ISIS

  Andrea Hoffman / Farida Khalaf - Girl Who Escaped ISIS    
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This Pokemon Thing Is Getting Out of Hand!

A moron just had to get the precious tiger Pokemon that they hopped the fence at PBS (private property).... pretty soon people will be walking of the top of the Carew Tower to get a Pikachu...
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That moment when the anti-establishment guy you supported gives you the middle finger and supports the establishment candidate    
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Remember the "Guam will tip over and capsize" Guy? He is back...and just as stupid

The 4th District of Georgia must be full of complete idiots.  They keep voting this doofus into office.   Who can forget his if Guam gets too many military personnel on the island...
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Liberty Monday

Hilary’s America   When: This week   Where: Theater near you   See the movie that exposes Hillary Hillary's America is showing...
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How to depreciate your car's value 10 fold . . . .

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Watch: Lightning at 2000fps

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