Yes, its one of my most favorite times of the growing season!  The time where I can drive around and yell, “Look at those Naked Ladies in the garden!”  It’s even more fun if someone is riding with me, and has no idea what Naked Ladies in the garden are!  And I am seeing more this year than I have ever seen!  Woo-hoo! 


Lycoris squamigera, or commonly known as Naked Ladies, Resurrection Lily, Magic Lily, Surprise Lily, and probably a few more common names, is in the Amaryllis family.  Cold hardy to Zone 5, this bulb produces strap like green foliage in the spring, which die back in the summer.  Then, in August, thick naked flower-scapes rise to about 24”, each bearing multiple funnel shaped rose pink (some white) slightly fragrant flowers!  And these flower-scapes seem to come up over night!  Foliage in spring – dies back early summer – then suddenly in late July / August the flowers appear out of nowhere – thus the common names mentioned.  Great in borders, open woodland areas, perennial gardens, meadows, even in containers. [Loves good loamy well drained soils – sun to part shade – usually planted in the fall (can be dug and divided after flowering or after foliage begins to die back – but mostly after flowering) – plant 5-6 inches deep and 6 inches apart - slowly naturalizes over time.]