Most Annoying Car Features

JD Power and Consumer reports surveyed new car owners and they came up with 12 new car features that are the most annoying.

The first is:

• Auto Stop-Start. This well-intentioned feature, fast becoming standard on new vehicles, automatically disengages the engine while the vehicle is at a stop light or is otherwise at idle, during which time a car gets zero mpg. The engine starts up again almost immediately when the driver removes his or her foot from the brake pedal. While it’s purported to save a few mpg in city driving, it’s downright intrusive on some vehicles, particularly larger vehicles and sporty cars. The roar of a Porsche 911 engine on startup can be exhilarating, though it can quickly become annoying when it’s repeatedly doing so in stop-and-go traffic or over a route filled with traffic signals. Fortunately, most cars allow drivers to switch off this function.

The other 11 are here.

Do you agree?

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