Golfer Lucas Glover's Wife Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Him

Krista Glover mug shot

Krista Glover mug shot

The wife of former U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover was arrested in Florida after she allegedly attacked the golfer and his mother following the third round of The Players Championship. Krista Glover got into a heated argument with Lucas after he shot a 78 on Saturday.

Lucas told police that "when he plays a bad round of golf, Krista proceeds to start an altercation with him and telling him how he is a loser and a p---y, how he needs to fire everyone, and how he’d better win or her and the kids would leave him, and he would never see the kids again."

While Krista was berating Lucas in front of their two children, his mother Hershey tried to intervene and calm her down. Krista proceeded to hit Hershey and then started to attack Lucas when he tried to stop her. 

The police report stated that officers found "multiple lacerations" on Lucas and his mother and that their clothing had blood stains while Krista was uninjured. Lucas told police Krista had been drinking all day and attempted to convince deputies not to arrest his wife. 

Police said that Krista refused to cooperate after she was handcuffed and damaged the door of the police car when officers attempted to put her in the back seat. 

She is scheduled to appear in court on May 31 to face misdemeanor charges of domestic violence battery and resisting arrest without violence. She faces up to one year in prison for each count. 

Lucas confirmed the altercation on Twitter and said that "Krista will be cleared in this private matter."

“On May 12, my wife and mother were involved in an argument to which the police were called.  Everyone is fine. Regrettably, although Krista was charged, we are comfortable that the judicial system is able to address what actually happened and Krista will be cleared in this private matter. We thank you for respecting our privacy as we work through this unfortunate situation.” 

Photo: St. John's County Sheriffs Office

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