Texas Man Arrested After Destroying American Flags Outside Of Courthouse

A Texas man turned himself into police after he was caught on surveillance cameras ripping nine American flags from a display outside of a courthouse in Denton County on the day before the 17th anniversary of 9/11. Police released the surveillance footage to the public and were able to identify 29-year-old Matthew Emerson Reynolds as the suspect. 

“We’ve got you on video. We’re going to find you, and you’re going to be arrested,” Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree said. “I promise you when you go around desecrating the United States flag, people will turn you in.”

In the video, Reynolds is seen riding his bike down the busy street, ripping out the flags and tossing them at moving cars. One person stopped, got out of their car and replaced one of the flags he had thrown into the street. 

The flags were placed by the Denton Rotary Club as part of their annual fundraiser which brings in around $20,000 every year, according to Fox4. 

“It’s money out of the club’s pocket, which is money out of local youth charity projects we support,” Denton Rotary Club VP Randy Sudderth said.

Reynolds was charged with criminal mischief and faces up to six months in jail. 

Photo: Denton County Sheriff’s Office

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