Star Of Netflix's 'Jailbirds' Arrested After Being Recognized From The Show

Starring in a reality show or documentary has it's good sides and its bad sides. If you're looking for fame, it's probably exciting since it means you get recognized when you go out, but fame can also come back and bite you as it did for a woman featured on the Netflix show Jailbirds, which chronicles the lives of women at the Sacramento County Jail. Megan Hawkins, who is known as "Monster" on the series, attempted to open a checking and savings account at a Sacramento-area bank using an ID that wasn't hers. Unfortunately for her, one of the bank employees recognized her from the show and knew the ID didn't match so they called the police.

Officers arrived after Hawkins had left but they were able to find her nearby and arrest her. One cop noted to a reporter, "She has some pretty identifiable tattoos so they recognized her automatically."

Things only got worse for Megan when the cops discovered the car she used to get to the bank was stolen. Inside of it were credit cards that didn't belong to her as well as a controlled substance. She was booked on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, unlawful use of personal identifying information and violating her probation, and taken to the very jail where Jailbirds is filmed.

Hawkins maintains her innocence, stating, "Because I'm on the Netflix documentary I feel like it's like the perfect opportunity for them to like really slap the book at me. And that's like what I'm nervous about." She also told an NBC station, "I'll take responsibility for some of it, yes. But I didn't steal nobody's car. I don't take people’s identities. I had somebody steal my identity. Why would I do that to somebody else?"

Photo: Elk Grove Police Department, Netflix

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