Tampa City Council Aide Resigns After Video of Her 'Cough' Goes Viral

A Tampa city council aide has resigned after video of her 'cough' went viral.

The cough-curse was first highlighted by a Tampa Bay Times reporter who noticed the strange cough during a recent Tampa City Council meeting. In the video provided, a legislative aide for council member Guido Maniscalco gets up from her chair and crosses the room and coughed in a way that sounded suspiciously like 'a-hole.'

Council member Luis Viera could be heard to say, "Did she just say something?" to Maniscalco.

Carrie Henriquez, the woman seen in the video, told the Tampa Bay Times that she was simply sick and denied saying anything that could be construed as a curse.

However, the next day, Henriquez submitted her resignation, a job that she's held since 2015 according to city records.

Maniscalco told the newspaper that he was taken by surprise by his aide's resignation. He says she cited the "insults" after going viral online as part of the reason for her departure.

"That’s social media," Maniscalco said. “She’s decided to move on and that’s it."

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