Gas Line Explosion Obliterates Several Homes In Baltimore Neighborhood

A gas line explosion leveled three homes in a Baltimore neighborhood, leaving at least one person dead on Monday (August 10) morning. First responders rushed to the scene just after 10 a.m. ET and found at least five people, including children, were trapped in the rubble.

Authorities pulled three people from the remains of the buildings, and they were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The explosion was so powerful it could be felt by people living at least four blocks away.

“I heard a kaboom, and I thought it was a car or something, and when I came out, I seen the debris, and something’s gone, totally gone,” one woman told WJZ.

Dean Jones told the news station that he ran out of his home when he heard the blast and said the scene looked like a war zone.

“It was catastrophic. It was like a bomb like you watch things in other countries where they have like bombings and things like that,” Jones said. “It was like watching that in real life. Telephone poles split, I mean, houses down the block, broken glass. When I initially got there, I could hear a voice just saying ‘Help,’ it’s crazy. It’s something I don’t ever wanna see ever again; I don’t want to relive it ever again.”

Photo: Baltimore Fire Department

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