Ohio Restaurant Named The Best Place To Eat In The State

Photo: Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty Images

In a state filled with incredible hidden gem restaurants and must-try eateries, Ohio continues to prove itself as a foodie haven with the restaurant named the best place to eat in the entire state.

ShermansTravel.com searched the country for the tastiest restaurants around, compiling a list of the absolute best place to grab a bite to eat in each state, "from Delaware's first Italian joint to a 50-year-old California restaurant that started the farm-to-table movement."

According to the site, the best place to eat in all of Ohio is Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey. Though technically situated just outside of Cincinnati and slightly south of the border into Kentucky, this restaurant offers a "contemporary take on classic American frontier food," per its website. Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey is located at 9039 US 42 Suite H in Union, Kentucky.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey owner and chef Christian Gill drew inspiration from his grandmother's and mother's kitchens to create the menu for his Cincinnati eatery. Expect contemporary takes on comfort food, like poutine with Yukon potatoes, sautéed poblano peppers, cremini mushrooms, tomato gravy, and smoked cheddar cheese; and a Korean fried chicken sandwich topped with housemade kimchi and gochujang BBQ sauce. Don't forget to try the myriad of whiskey offerings, either."

Check out ShermansTravel.com to see more of the best places to eat around the country.

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