Popular Cincinnati Pub Closing After Nearly A Decade

Photo: Rogan Macdonald/Cultura/Getty Images

A popular brewing company in Cincinnati is closing its flagship location after nearly a decade of serving the community.

Taft Brewing Company announced on Monday (November 13) it has plans to close its Ale House in Over-The-Rhine at the end of the month, per FOX 19. The Ale House is Taft's Brewing Company's flagship location that opened eight years ago, but the company still has a Brewpourium in both Cincinnati and Columbus.

According to a press release, Taft's cited the pandemic and decreased tourism as reasons for the closure, saying they could not really recover from the effects of the coronavirus over the the past few years.

"Ownership has self-sustained daily operations of Taft's Ale House for the past couple of years," the company said. "The pandemic, a significant decline in tourism and large increases in material goods costs have contributed greatly to the shutdown. But ultimately, Taft's could not indemnify for the significant loss in sales since COVID-19 began."

Employees were told in advance of the closure, with the company hoping to send them to the Brewpourium or help them find work at other local businesses.

The Ale House's last day of operation is November 25. Learn more about Taft Brewing Company at the company's website.

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