Tech Friday

  • Are robot assassins a thing?
    • Computer engineer Dr Subhash Kak warned that criminals, terrorists and rouge states could build robots to hunt down and kill targets
    • The Oklahoma University lecturer told Daily Star Online: "The technology for human assisted killer robots is already here"
    • Dr. Kak said parts needed to assemble killer robots will prove "not difficult" to buy on the black market 
    • And he warned that soon completed robots will be available which can carry out mass murder upon instruction  
    • Tracking and capturing the culprits behind such an attack could be very difficult
    • "Bad actors will be able to produce these using parts that are not too difficult to buy on the open market, or just get them on the black market. - Kak
  • WEF predicts that machines will do more tasks than humans by 2025: 
    • The Future of Jobs 2018 report from World Economic Forum (WEF) said robots will handle more than 50% of current work tasks by 2025
    • Around 71 percent of work today is done by humans, and the remaining 29 percent is automated.
    • This would be a very rapid shift. The 2013 “Future of Employment” paper suggested that 47 percent of U.S.-based jobs could be performed by machines over the next 20 years
    • WEF foresees robots replacing humans in many fields including accounting, client management, industrial, postal and secretarial sectors
    • Jobs that require soft skills such as sales should increase
    • This shift could lead to "new roles" for humans as rapid changes in machines and software "could create 133 million new roles in place of 75 million that will be displaced between now and 2022"
    • The study suggests that nearly twice as many new jobs will be created. The report suggests that 133 million human jobs will be created
    • The survey included HR and senior executives from a wide range of global companies
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