Nathan Estruth - candidate for Lt. Gov joined Brian Thomas this morning

A health care plan designed by ohio for ohioans

Key Points

Obamacare has been a disaster for the people of Ohio and across the country, increasing the cost of health insurance, undermining the competitive insurance marketplace Ohio cultivated for decades, hurting job creation, mandating coverage but reducing insurance options, and creating a dependency on an unsustainable expectation of government-run coverage. As Insurance Director, Mary Taylor led the charge against Obamacare and an Ohio-based exchange. As Governor, she will advocate for the repeal of Obamacare and flexibility for states, and will implement in Ohio an approach that is fiscally sustainable and prioritizes access to care for the working poor, those with preexisting conditions, job creators, and those battling mental illness and addiction.

Bringing Innovation to Health Care Policy – Current discussions about health care focus on health insurance, rather than health care. As long as we look at health care through the same old lens, we will be stuck with the same old problems. But if we challenge the status quo and focus on how to actually provide care to the people who need it, opportunities for innovation and patient-centered approaches can be added to the discussion. Mary Taylor will advance a system of direct access to primary care for routine care and preventative services that can be provided outside of the health insurance system. This transformative approach is more economical and more patient-focused, and utilizes insurance for emergency and high-cost care.

Crafting a Plan That Works for Ohioans – What works in California, Illinois, or Alabama does not necessarily work in Ohio. Mary Taylor will, as she has done for more than six years, advocate for the repeal of Obamacare and for Congress to provide governors flexibility to craft solutions for their states’ needs. Using the expertise she gained as Insurance Commissioner, she will craft a plan that addresses Ohio’s specific health care needs while ensuring that the state is still able to fund priorities such as education, public safety, and infrastructure. Through direct primary care, expanding health savings accounts for Ohioans working multiple jobs, and protecting those with preexisting conditions, the Taylor plan focuses on the unique needs of Ohio’s citizens and small employers.

Using Medicaid as the Safety Net it Was Designed For – Medicaid was originally enacted to serve the impoverished who are unable to work due to age, disability, or family responsibilities. Since then, coverage has expanded to include able-bodied adults. The Medicaid expansion created by Obamacare is unsustainable and crowds out other state priorities, and Mary Taylor will end it. Medicaid will serve the people who need it, and Taylor will promote lower-cost solutions to provide health care while incentivizing work and ensuring opportunities for longer-term success for those who are able.  

Giving Flexibility to Small Businesses – Small businesses should be allowed to contribute to their employees’ health care in a meaningful way, without having to shoulder the entire burden as they do in today’s “all or nothing” market. Taylor will demand that Congress allow small employers to contribute what they can, without triggering all the laws that come with providing a group plan.

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