Joseph House for Homeless Vets

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Meet the needs of homeless veterans suffering from addiction within our community and provide them the support they need to maintain a life long commitment to recovery and thrive in the community 

Transitional Housing: 

The purpose of providing transitional housing is to ensure our clients live within a sober, supportive and safe environment under our supervision so that they have the greatest chance for success in our programs. 

In-patient Program: 

Up to 20 of the residents participate in our 3-month In-patient treatment program certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as a chemical addiction treatment program. Our counselors are certified chemical dependency counselors and provide: 

10 hours or more of direct services per week to include: 

• Individual and Group counseling 

• Substance abuse education groups 

• Case Management services Services focuses on Early 

Recovery issues to include: 

• Physical and Emotional stability 

• Coordinates medical appointments 

• Referrals to mental health professionals 

• Facilitates participation in a 12-step Recovery program 

Out-patient Program: 

This program is a 6-8 month clinical support certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as a chemical addiction program for residents who have completed the In-patient program and or need clinical support while they begin the process of independent living. Our clinical counselors are trained in the Matrix Out-patient clinical care program and provide: 

Services focused on Sustaining Sobriety: 

• Relapse Prevention, Development of sober living and life skills 

• Continued 12-step support by identifying a “Home Group" and maintaining a sponsor 

• Family and friends group therapy focused on how to support loved ones in recovery 

• MYT and mindfulness techniques 

Reintegration Program: 

The Reintegration program is the final step in successfully completing the Joseph House program. This program includes an assessment of any additional needs, and up to 2 months of support while they transition to permanent housing outside of the Joseph House, and fully reintegrate back into the community. 

Services focused on Independent living skills to include: 

• Improve relationships, resolution and reunification (when appropriate) with family 

• Achieve stability of the following: 

1. Financial issues

 2. Employment 

3. Permanent Housing 

4. Other emotional/mental health issues 

5. Development of hobbies and other healthy interests 

Joseph House for Homeless Veterans 1526 Republic Street PO Box 14608 Cincinnati, OH 45250-0608 Phone: 513-241-2965 Fax:513- 591-0785