The Art of Perception

The Little Sisters of the Poor are presenting Amy Herman, and The Art of Perception program endorsed by top medical, government law enforcement organizations.   Amy is an attorney, has an MFA and spent ten years at the Frick Collection in NY as an educator.


Amy uses fine art as her format.  Changing the typical training environment for her participants, raises curiosity about the learning modality.  Her interactive programs are not lectures; they are experiential investments in self-development.   Sometimes we don't know what we don't know.


Try this simple test yourself.                In what hand does the Statue of Liberty hold the torch?

                                                            On the American flag, what is the color of the top stripe?

                                                            How many curves are there in a typical paper clip?


Amy shows to see the details, ask more questions the longer we view the art. Then we’re not just seeing; we’re observing. It’s an elementary skill the mind can master.  Communicating accurately what we see is critical for law enforcement, physicians, criminal justice professionals, all of us.

Remember the backpack sitting on the ground in Boston?  Aren't most backpacks worn or carried?  As TSA says, if you see something, say something.  But first you have to see or take note of something.  Sad to say, but this day and age, all of us need to be observant and able to communicate accurately.


One program is a 3-hour training to teach medical, legal, and law enforcement personnel how to see more and communicate more clearly. 

For tickets:

October 18: Cintas Center 8-11am Professional Training

October 19: Cincinnati Art Museum 7-8:30pm Presentation