FOP Open Letter to Charlie Winburn

Dear Mr. Winburn,

I appreciated your support in the District Five matter, but I took you at your word that your efforts were pure. I have seen your latest flyer reference Mayor Cranley and I am disappointed. You are flat wrong when you accuse Mayor Cranley of not backing our police officers. Here is a few reasons why;

1. Action on District Five only occurred after I made a plea directly to the mayor to get involved. I mistakenly thought the Manager was going to resolve this issue. I have now engaged the Mayor and he has put his campaign aside to push action and get the remaining officers out of that building.

2. The cop killer award was an error by his staff and possibly a “set up” from somewhere else in city hall. The mayor addressed it immediately and reversed the mistake. He was sincere in his apologies and efforts to assure everyone knew how much he regretted the error by his staff.

3. The contract, the contract, the contract!! The officers in the Cincinnati needed a win. Policing has become tougher and more political than ever before. Police officers were being murdered all over the country and we all were feeling the stress. Again, stepping in when the Manager needed direction, Mayor Cranley assured the finest police department in the country was treated as such.

4. The Mayor has been out in front of police intervention use of force issues. When officers use force justly and appropriately Mayor Cranley has stood by us publicly without hesitation.

I like you and I like your passion Mr. Winburn, but if you wish to back police officers back Mr. Cranley for Mayor!!!

Daniel J. HilsFOP #69, President