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State of Cybersecurity

Cybercrime continues to grow rapidly around the world, with annual costs to the global economy estimated to reach over $2 trillion by 2019. Small businesses are becoming more and more aware of cyber threats, continue to be concerned about cyber risks, and are taking some proactive security steps.

This free webinar on Thursday, November 30 at 2 p.m. will give all small business owners and managers valuable information on how to make their business more cybersecure, and budget for cost-effective prevention measures, and increase the critical role the staff plays in cybercrime prevention.

Save your spot since space is limited - visit to register today

Just in Time for Cyber Monday and Online Holiday Shopping Watch out for Emails that Look Like They’re From

As the holiday season gets closer, many people are starting to turn to Amazon to find the presents people asked for. But shoppers should be careful, BBB has recently been made aware of a new email con that makes it look like Amazon is asking for your personal information.

Typically the messages sent are short and to the point, and include a link that encourages you to confirm your information. The subject is usually something along the lines of - 'we could not confirm the address associated with your Amazon account,' and the email looks legitimate, often using the Amazon logo and brand colors.

If you receive and email like this, don't click the link - it's a ploy to collect your personal information. Following the instructions will lead you to a third-party website that could have harmful malware. Since shopping online is becoming more and more popular during the holidays, remember to stay safe. Don't click on emails from unsolicited sources that ask for your information, even if it looks real - just delete it. Check before your shopping season for more information on similar phishing schemes.

Black Friday Deals - Are they Worth It?

Black Friday marks the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season, and many people use it as a way to save money on holiday gifts. While there is some evidence that buying habits are changing, this year's Black Friday spending is expected to exceed last year's by 3.6 percent.

No matter how you plan to save a few dollars when it comes buying gifts for family and friends, be alert to deals on low-budget pieces that retailers are simply trying to unload. Just because a product is positioned a certain way doesn’t mean that’s what you’re actually getting. 

Research the advertised company before adding them to your Black Friday plan; read the reviews of their products, look at their sales fliers, and compare their prices before making a decision. Consult for additional information about their business practices.

Additional Holiday shopping tips are available on BBB’s Holiday Helper website at

Small Business Saturday - Nov. 25

Small Business Saturday - the day after Black Friday - is a perfect time to support your local independent business retailers that sell specialized, unexpected pieces. 

Small businesses have an important part in creating jobs. As an advocate of the retail marketplace, BBB encourages shoppers to consider shopping small.

Last year, 112 million people spent an estimated $15.4 billion at small retail establishments according to a Small Business Saturday (SBS) Consumer Insights Survey. 

To participate in your community's Small Business Saturday, use your local chamber or merchants' association as a resource for any events in your area. For a list of businesses in your area taking part in Small Business Saturday, visit Many small businesses use social media to connect with customers and advertise their sales, so check Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for deals and use the hashtags #BBB and #ShopSmall to share your experience.

Use to find out more about the businesses in your area. Many small businesses participate in this event in an effort to create relationships with new customers, so once you've found your favorite store, be sure to check in with them throughout the upcoming year.

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