FC Cincy wants to move Taft HS stadium for Major League Soccer stadium

FC Cincinnati's vision for the West End would mean building a Major League Soccer stadium on the current site of Taft High School's Stargel stadium, but it comes with the promise the club will build a new and better high school stadium with the same name nearby.

FC Cincinnati President and General Manager Jeff Berding unveiled the plan at Monday night's Cincinnati Public Schools board meeting, sharing details about the stadium that have been rumored and hinted at for weeks.

Jason Williams

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Here's breakdown of the public money city and county approved in November for soccer stadium infrastructure:  

$19M in future hotel tax revenue 

$7M from city reserves 

$7M in Oakley  

$2.5M from the city's 2019 capital budget 

$15M from county for garage

Obviously, the $7M from Oakley TIF would go away for potential West End site

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