Return local control to our schools!

HB 512:  Remember Thomas Massie’s “Administrative State” comment on your show?  Well here it is...

Kasich is essentially trying to castrate the State School Board & create an unelected, unaccountable Education “Controlling Board” Bureaucratic Behemoth of sorts, organized under the Executive Branch, that can molest Ohio families with impunity.  Clearly he doesn’t believe in #Transparency or #SeparationOfPowers

For the record, the State School Board has been wholly complicit in acting as an enforcement mechanism for the federal government for years, and indeed has acted as its own super bureaucracy at times, but shame on us for not paying attention, and at least we have the option to replace the elected SSB members (11) if/when we find out they’ve not represented us well - most recently with Race to the Top/Common Core & ESSA. 

Nuts & Bolts:

The Summary of HB 512 is HERE (make sure to click on “Show Long Title”).

Actual text in .pdf formats can be found HERE.

(Ironic that under “Local Impact Statement” it says “No-No Local Cost." 

Cleveland Plain Dealer Article is HERE.

Legislative Press Conference on HB 512 is HERE.

Home School Legal Defense Association Reaction is HERE.

Find your representative (HSLDA Alert has a suggested script) HERE.

In addition, please contact the following members of the Government Accountability & Oversight Committee:

Chairman Louis Blessing III – (Co-Sponsor of HB 512) (614) 466-9091

Vice – Chairman Bill Reineke (Sponsor of HB 512) – (614) 466-1374

Kathleen Clyde (Running for State Office) – (614) 466-2004

Keith Faber (Running for State Office) – (614) 466-6344

Timothy Ginter – (614) 466-8022

Dave Greenspan – (614) 466-0961

Brigid Kelly – (614) 466-5786

Bernadine Kennedy Kent – (614) 466-5343

P. Scott Lipps – (614) 644-6023

Dorothy Pelanda (Co-Sponsor of HB 512) – (614) 466-8147

Bill Sietz – (614) 466-8258Ryan Smith (Running for House Speaker) – (614) 466-1366

Martin J. Sweeney – (614) 466-3350

So, this is either one last Kasich thrust to complete his screwing of Ohio, or it could also be a set up; a bill that Scylla & Charybdis, er, DeWine & Husted can publicly oppose to establish some sort of credibility on the issue of education.  They currently have none.