The "Elder Paws" Program

A brand new outreach program launched by local organization Angel's Rest Animal Society is focused on connecting senior dogs with senior citizens.

Through "Elder Paws," rescuers give seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities older pets like dogs and cats. Then, the organization covers all of the pet-related costs, including food, medical care and security deposits. Rescuers also help with transporting the animals and cleaning up after them.

"It's a blessing, and I think anybody that would be interested should try it," Grace Popham, who is currently a part of the program, said in a video on the Angel's Rest Facebook page.

The organization posted a video about the program on social media and described it:

"ELDER PAWS™ is a one-of-a-kind pet outreach program for seniors, veterans and the disabled that’s essentially free of worry and financial commitment. Owning a loving pet is often cited as the best tonic for loneliness experienced by society’s most forgotten groups – the elderly, vets, disabled and the previously homeless. And while many would love to have that experience, they simply cannot afford the upkeep. ELDER PAWS is changing all that! The only requirement for the recipient is that they provide a loving home! ELDER PAWS takes care of the rest – and that includes food, medical attention, security deposits and other incidentals. If, at any time, the owner realizes it cannot take care of the animal, we will take the pet back to our Ohio sanctuary."

Anyone interested in the program is encouraged to contact Angel's Rest. You can call at 513-947-2727 or email them at for a consultation. You can also read more about Elder Paws on the organization's website.

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