Suckers! How much did it cost you for Hillary to insult you?

All of you stupid people in the "red in the middle"

The Washington Free Beacon reported Clinton’s trip cost U.S. taxpayers at least $22,000, although the total sum could be higher. That figure was calculated from publicly disclosed information federal security contracts.


By federal law, Clinton continues to receive a full Secret Service detail as a former first lady, and she will for the rest of her life.

Documents show the State Department awarded two contracts — one for $16,143 and another for $6,301 — for Clinton’s Secret Service detail’s travel and lodging. They were awarded by the U.S. embassy in New Delhi, India’s capital city.

In addition, the Free Beacon reported two other contracts — one worth $21,093 and the other worth $23,690 — were awarded earlier in March for Secret Service lodging in Mumbai and Maheshwar. Both cities were on Clinton’s list of stops while in India.

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

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