Coming to a Starbucks near you!

The Robots are coming and they're here to take your coffee order. 

Three college friends with a passion for caffeine and robots decided to open up their own coffee shop where the coffee is warm, but the baristas are not. Instead, a robotic arm at this California cafe crafts your caffeine-laden beverage exactly to your specifications. From a simple latte to the most complex order, your half-caff, double-foam, triple pump vanilla syrup will come out exactly right every time. 

The robot can prepare up to 120 drinks per hour - perfect for caffeine fiends. The human element hasn't completely disappeared. People are still needed to help refill the coffee beans, service and clean the robot as well as a product specialist who is on hand to answer any questions people might have. 

Customers visiting the cafe in San Francisco can order their drink from on-site kiosks, that use beans sourced locally. It's part of a larger trend of restaurant owners trying to cut down on costs and employee turnover by looking to robotics and automation. 

One restaurant chain has found success with their robot "Flippy," a burger flipping robot at CaliBurger that has been feeding hungry customers for a few months now. The burger flipping robot proved to be so popular, it had to be taken offline so the company could perform upgrades to "make sure the location can fulfill a large number of orders." 

Cafe X has two locations in San Francisco, and say they plan on opening a 3rd one soon.