Butler Tech Programs - Manufacturing Job Education

Jobs are out there – why is it so hard to fill them?

  • Skills gap – current workers nearing retirement age
  • Younger generation not knowing about the pathway; need to reach the moms
  • Students being driven into college, even if it isn’t their passion


What are the opportunities for younger workers entering manufacturing?

  • Advanced manufacturing is clean, bright
  • These are high-tech, high-skill jobs – hands-on and brain-on
  • Better pay than other work
  • More benefits (healthcare, college reimbursement)


How is business and education working to solve the shortage of workers?

  • Business is pitching in to generate awareness
  • They are coming to our labs to recruit top talent – kids are fielding more than a dozen offers
  • Public-private partnership to modernize labs and bring them to 21st century


What can other schools be doing?

  • Engage school counselors in career tech
  • Visit manufacturers to see the types of work available
  • College isn’t for everyone – but even manufacturing can be a pathway to college and career advancement