Park Hills Memorial Day Parade

Parade Information

Date and Start Time

Monday, May 28th, 11:30am the annual Park Hills Memorial Day Parade steps off. 

  • The Park Hills Civic Association and the City of Park Hills sponsor the annual Parade and Flag Raising Ceremonies. 

Parade Staging 

The parade forms between 10:30 and 11:20am, off Dixie Highway in Park Hills at the Notre Dame Academy parking lot. 

Parade Lineup and Assistance

Parade Officials will assist parade participants in finding assigned row and lineup number at the entrance to the Notre Dame Academy’s parking lot. 

  • Signs will be set on Dixie Highway directing participants into Notre Dame Academy. 

  • Participants should look for parade officials positioned at the top of the hill, the entrance to the parking lot, to assist in finding position in the parade line-up. 

Parade Entries 

Parade Entry and Registration, Adrienne Gallagher

Parade entries include 

  • elected State, County, and City officials; 

  • fire and police departments;

  • floats; 

  • convertibles; 

  • military vehicles and personnel; 

  • local businesses; 

  • antique cars; 

  • 100 person marching band; 

  • community groups; 

  • horses; 

  • local school youth and sport groups; 

  • local music groups; 

  • gymnastic clubs; 

  • neighborhood entries, etc.

Parade Route

The parade follows Dixie Highway to Arlington Road, to Old State Road, to Terrace Drive, to Amsterdam Road, to Park Drive. 

Parade Grand Marshall 

John H. Klette, Jr. and Arthur “Art” Unruh are this years Grand Marshalls.

  • Klette is a 100 year old Park Hills resident

  • Unruh is 97 years old, and is traveling from Arlington, Washington.

  • Klette and Unruh were awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in combat. 

  • Klette was the co-pilot and Unruh the rear-gunner in a B-17 Flying Fortress.

  • Their 7-plane squadron was attacked by 70 Nazi fighters.

  • The citation listed the plane as having sustained 600 direct hits upon landing.

“Best Parade Entry” Prize 

DMR Kitchen and Bath Remodeling will award a $100 cash prize to the best parade entry from a Park Hills group.  

  • DMR Kitchen and Bath Remodeling is owned by Dave Russo and based in Park Hills.

Flag Raising Ceremony 

A flag raising ceremony follows the parade at Trolley Park at the intersection of Amsterdam Road and Park Drive. 

  • 2018 Parade Grand Marshals Klette and Unruh will be honored and presented with a medal commemorating their valiant service. 

  • A US flag that has flown over our nation's capital will be presented to the City.

  • Flower displays will be placed at the base of the commemorative markers honoring the Park Hills residents who have given their lives in war. 

Annual Essay Contest

[Number of entrants ] students from local elementary schools have submitted Memorial Day themed essays to a contest.

  • Prizes

    • $50 1st place, ride in parade, read essay

    • $25 2nd place, ride in parade

  • Participating 4th and 5th grades

    • Ft. Wright Elementary School

    • St. Agnes School

Food and Beverages

Monday, May28th Memorial Day 

10:00 a.m. 

  • Klette and Unruh at the Highlands Cemetery

    • 2167 Dixie Hwy, Ft Wright, KY 41017

  • 30 min. ceremony

    • honoring them and all fallen service men. 

    • Klette is on the board of directors.

10:45 a.m.

  • Unruh to parking lot of Notre Dame Academy 

    • 1699 Hilton Dr., Park Hills, KY. 41011. 

    • Staging area Park HIlls Memorial Day Parade

  •  Klette to home, and 

    • later escorted to the ceremonies directly following the parade

      • intersection of Park Dr. and Amsterdam Rd, 

      • adjacent to Trolley Park, 

      • in the center of Park Hills, 

    • where the parade concludes and the ceremonies begin. 

11:30 a.m. 

  • Parade Begins

    • The Parade starts promptly at 11:30am.  

    • Note: the Parade will occur rain or shine.

  • Route 

    • Notre Dame to Dixie Highway

    • Arlington Drive, 

    • Old State Road to Terrace Drive,

    • Amsterdam Road to Rose Circle Road.  

  • Flag Raising Ceremonies start immediately following the parade.

    • at intersection of Amsterdam Road and Park Drive 

12:30 p.m. 

  • Parade concludes and the Grand Marshall introductions, 

    • flag-raising ceremonies begin. 

1:00 p.m.

  • Book Signing afterwards of Unruh’s Book entitled; “The Shadow Casters”

    • Tentative.

  • Light lunch with USAF representatives.

Tuesday, May 29th 

Time Unknown

  • Unruh’s visit to the Air Force Museum. 

  • Dinner with Ruth and group.

Wednesday, May 30th

8:45 a.m. 

  • Art Unruh to depart CVG to SEA 

    • Delta flight #1885

12:32 p.m. 

  • Art Unruh lands SEA

    • Delta flight #1099