The Addiction Series

The Addiction Series produced, edited, and directed by Shane Reinert introduces the audience to former addicts who struggled and faced the battles of drug, and alcohol in candid interview with the individual and the camera telling the world their story of struggles, and life after addiction.

The Addiction Series, a YouTube and Facebook platform documentary has reached 217 countries, with nearly a million views since its debut on YouTube in January of 2016. Shane has had people from 10 states be featured on this 53 episode series. This series has brought Brandon Novak (actor, author, pro skate boarder) and Zeke Pike (featured in Sports Illustrated).It continues to bring and attract guests in the chair to share their courageous stories of overcoming the battle of addictions.

The Addiction Series can be seen on YouTube at and also on Facebook at sure to check them out, like and share! Don’t Give UP! There is HOPE! #theaddictionseries