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Angel's Paws Fundraiser

Angel’s Paws founder Tammy Wynn and also Sgt. Koo about the Angel's Watch Military and Police Dog Fund which honors working or retired military and police dogs by providing them with the dignity and respect that they deserve when they are ready to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Angel’s Paws is holding a fundraiser to support the Angel's Watch Military and Police Dog Fund, with the prize being tickets in a suite at the June 17th Reds Game that includes a “meet and greet” with Marty Brennaman. A $50.00 donation gets you the chance to win two tickets. The drawing will be held on Monday June 3rd. The raffle link is

Angel’s Watch Establishes Military and Police Dog Fund To Provide End Of Life Care For Furry Heroes Who Have Served

CINCINNATI, OH – May 13, 2019 – Tammy Wynn founded Angel’s Paws in 2010 to provide pets and their owners with a complete end of life care – including home hospice and euthanasia, private cremation, as well as free pet loss support groups and grief counseling. Families experiencing pet hospice through Angel’s Paws began to embrace the vision and wanted to help families experiencing financial hardship to access the same level of compassionate care, and began donating. As a result, two dedicated volunteers established a 501(c)(3) non-profit, called Angel’s Watch allowing donations to be tax deductible. This year Angel’s Watch established the Military and Police Dog Fund, to provide that special care to those pets who have been of special service to our entire community.

Says Wynn, “We at Angel’s Paws believe that our pets are every day heroes to their families. But there are some pets that go above and beyond by providing service for all of us. We want to thank them and honor them in a special way with this special fund that gives these heroes the dignity and respect they deserve, with a private goodbye in the sanctity of their own home. With this gift we offer these heroes a final salute. The Military and Police Dog Fund is dedicated specifically to serve our working or retired military and police dogs, (and their handlers or partners), in the Greater Cincinnati area as our thank you for their service.”

The first dog to benefit from this fund was Officer Matzi, a German Shepherd who served the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office as a Narcotics K-9 working side-by-side with his partner Sergeant Koo for 8 years, seizing numerous pounds of both narcotics and currency.

According to Sergeant Koo, “In 2017, Matzi started having a difficult time getting into the car to go to work. He never stopped having a desire to work, play and go places even though his body said he could not do it anymore.

In 2018 Matzi was officially retired and we made our home as comfortable for him as possible. Despite his failing health, he was always devoted. He never stopped watching out the window when we’d leave the house and was always there to greet us at the door when we came home.

A friend of mine referred Angel’s Paws. I had no idea what to expect when the time came to say goodbye in early 2019, and only knew that I wanted Matzi to be where he was most comfortable - at home.

We were so touched to learn that his care would be 100% donated by the non-profit organization Angel’s Watch to honor his service and I cannot say enough kind words about this gift. They were the most loving, caring, and understanding people to experience this process with. Every time I came in contact with Angel’s Paws staff or the Angel’s Watch board members, something was done that left me speechless. The compassion shown during my initial call was unbelievable. Picking up Matzi’s remains was something that I would have never dreamed would be, without a doubt, the most touching experience ever. I cannot thank you enough for the care, compassion and kindness you provided to Matzi, my wife and myself. It will never be forgotten.”

Founded in 2010, Angel's Paws offers complete end of life care for pets and the people who love them 24/7 365, with in-home hospice care, home euthanasia, private cremation, free pet loss support groups and grief counseling. The greatest gift a pet can receive is the opportunity to stay home when it matters most...Sign up for The Pet Parent Peace of Mind Program. For more information on Angels Paws, call 513-489-7297 ext. 4 or visit or visit more information or to donate to the Military and Police Dog Fund.

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