FOP Dan Hils discusses Iris Roley and the Black United Front

Daniel Hils·

16 hrs

Can you imagine if someone stated that your police department treats a certain community in a “vile” way? Just listen to the beginning of this video and you will.

Can you imagine if that same person said the rioting of April 2001 was a beautiful thing? Don’t imagine any longer listen to the 10:00 minute mark in this video.

Can you imagine if someone accused your police department of 15 murders? That’s right I said murders! Just listen at the 10:41 minute mark in this video.

In the incidents being referred to, not a single police officer was charged with murder. One officer was charged with Negligent Homicide but was found not guilty. Do you think someone making baseless and inflammatory accusations like these should be within a mile of a collaborative agreement?

Imagine that same person protesting outside a judge’s private residence, but you already know about that one.

Can you imagine that this person who speaks and acts like that is asked by the City of Cincinnati to be in front on a “collaborative” effort for police and community relations?

Can you also then imagine a group that is supposed to be supporting police officers backs this person?

Baffles the mind, doesn’t it?